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????'96 gt heads on '04 gt??????????

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Here is the deal, one of my buddies has an 04 gt. And I drive a 96 gt since he’s not looking for performance he offered me his PI heads but I need to give him my heads and im just wondering if its possible to put my 96 gt heads on his 04 gt and take his and put tem on mine.(Basically switch them around)

if yes what do i need and how hard is it.

Thank You:
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ok he isint looking for performance, and he doesint like going fast, unlike me
so the the PI heads are just a waste in his car

BTW what do i need to make all thi happen
thats the nipple
so basically i put my heads, intake, manifold, plenum,throttle body on his car
and put his on mine or is there something else
ok thanks for your help
im gonna try get this done some time next week and ill post up the progress
1 - 5 of 22 Posts
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