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1997 Cobra 44,000 miles
Recently, My Cobra has started to tick in the 2000 RPM range, Sometimes a little lower than that, and sometimes a little higher.

Around 14 seconds, the audio makes the tick sound rolling, but that isn't how it sounds by ear, just a heads up. The sound between 9 and 13 seconds is almost exactly how I hear it.

It only ticks:

-In gear and under load (it does not tick if I sit in neutral and SLOWLY rev it up)

-When the engine is WARM

-Loudest in 1st Gear

-Does not SEEM to increase in frequency as RPMS increase, although this might just be me, since it only happens between 2000 and 3000 RPMS

ON a side note, I have had high idle and hanging RPMS for over a month now. Don't know if it is related. The ticking started about a MONTH AFTER the idling issues showed up.
Changed IAC, TPS, Charcoal cannister purge solenoid and sensor (was getting a trouble code, trouble code is now gone) Reset idle several times with battery disconnects overnight, push in clutch and it hovers around 1500, then slowly falling in stages to 1000 as i come to a stop.

If I disconnect the IAC while the car is running, the car idles at almost exactly 750.

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Possible throwout bearing problem?
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