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I have come to the conclusion I need to sell my baby.

This car is 100% sound and moves out like no other in your area. I have all reciepts and paperwork needed for sale and proof of work and numbers. I stand behind this car. I can drive it like a DD car with no issues and smack the go pedal and leave the competition saying, " Holy Sheet that thing is gone". un quote. Seriously though you wont be disappointed come and take her home today. The car has been driving an hour more in each direction with no issues what so ever, and would no doubt drive farther without issue. Its not your typical 700rwhp street terror, where most have overheating issues, spitting and sputter, taching like 3500 @ 60 mph,etc. She tachs around 2200rpm @65mph, it does stall every now and again when you come to a stop from driving, that is due to the blow through mass air meter set up needed for the twin turbo set up. This thing runs like a slighly modified mustang would until you hit the pedal.​

I've put more into this car than you can imagine. We are in the process of moving, getting married, buying a home and we cant take all the play toys with us.
I bought the car about 2 yrs ago..It was your standturd 2valve gt when i got her home. The fun started from there...Anyways the work done to the car was done by JPC perormance. I believe they are known throughout the mustang community. The car dynoed @ 697rwhp/662rwtq, @18lbs at 11 degrees of timing on pump gas. I haven't made it over 16lbs yet. Its a very safe and conservative tune for this street monster. I have all receipts of work done. Anywho there is a list of goodies i will put below and probably a few I will forget. The speedo says 143,000. The only thing with 140k is the unibody. The car has been completely redone, from paint, Audi sprint blue... to suspension, engine, everything minus the interior carpet, dash and back seat...The new parts have maybe 4,000 miles on them. The turbo kit and clutch maybe 1k. Here's the break down and some pics. Im looking to get $20,000.00 for the sale, reasonable offers will be considered as would possible trades plus cash. Please dont waste my time with silly offers and free test rides.

4.6l AL shortblock
9.1 compression
forged interals
assemblied by Roch racing
Stock heads
reworked to new
new cam gears, tensiors, sprockets, chains, etc.
new beehive springs, steel retainers, head studs
stage 2 street/ strip cams
HP stage 2 57mm twin turbo kit
stock intake
Imrc deletes​

TKO 600 w/.64od 31 spline toke
Centerforce dfx clutch
Triple Quadrant and cable
Almumiun flywheel, bellhousing and driveshaft​

FRPP 4;10's
8.8 rear 31 spline Axles
Eaton Detriot Truetrac diff, limited slip 31 spline
all new seals rings, etc.​

60lb injectors
Magnafuel 1500 HP pump
Boost reference regulator
UPR 9/16 high flow fuel rails
supporting -8an fuel lines -6 return lines​

Supporting cast
BomZ Racing seats
Customized interior trimwork
Fluidyne Al radiator new electric fan
95 cobra chrome wheels fitted with 295/45/17 MT drag radials in rear
235/45/17 BFG's in front
A/C delete
200 AMP HO Alternator
DIS-4 Plus, MSD coil packs, wiring harness, tach adapters, etc.
Custom tune with Diablo switch chip. Set with stock tune, pump gas tune, c16 tune​

Granetelli Coil over fronts
Eibach drag springs and air bag in rear
Strange 9way adjustables all around
Swarrbarrs rear axle brace
Mega Bite jr lower control arms
Metco adjustable upper control arms
upper and lower battle boxes
Full length frame connectors​

Sony explode cd head unit
sony explode 1000w 4 channel amp
6x9 rockfords in rear
5x7 rockfords up front
kick component tweeters in mirror cover
Audiobahn 12" in trunk
sirius radio hookup​


The radio bezel trim detail has bubbled up.
One of the rear ABS sensors is bad, causes the ABS light to come on when you get to 50mph.
The emergency brake rubber groomet is torn.
Heater knock works controller, but knob lock has broke. Heat and cooling still work fine though the knob just wonders on it own.
It still has power driver seat but race seat has nowhere to mount stwitch, it is tucked up under seat until its needed to adjust seat.​

Im sure theres alot I havent covered...AS i said in the beginning the entire car has been redone and redone rightThere have been no shortcuts when it comes to this car. Thanks for your time and interest. I have a bunch of pix of her but heres a few to get the juices flowing.​



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I guess I should have put the price at the does get lost in the pix huh....thanks for comps guys...shes more bad ass in person

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GOBLIN - the 4:10s are a bit tall for the turbos in 1 and 2...unless you heat the meat good..than hold on brotha....but on the street shes gone before you know what happened...
HMUSN - You washing your hands first

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just put her Ebay 17,500. no reserve...come and get her

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thanks for the comp...and the link...i like a pur filter rinse...dont want any water spots .

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nice car but im not feelin that mesh grill **** uve got at the bottom of the front bumper
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