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98 4v teksid swap into 03 cobra shell

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To make a long story short, I'm putting my built 4v from a 98 cobra into an 03 cobra shell. I know there's not huge differences in the two but just enough to be a headache. I need to know any info on sensor, fuel system, fuel lines fuel rail, oil relocation changes/differences that I may need to know. Car will not have a/c, I have the factory 03 harness and ecu for the time being, car has a tubular k and I'm going turbo so I take it I don't need the 03 timing cover. Car will be a 6spd. and I'm using the 98 cobra intake for now. Stage 3 ported. I'm still stuck whether I want someone to build the piping around the factory a-arms or go tubular. I just don't want it to feel like a go cart. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

And before anyone asks why I'm going "backwards", I had a newly built, fully forged 98 4v teksid for a 94 vert project and came across an 03 cobra shell. Why not..
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98 Cobra uses coil packs/plug wires, which will not be compatible with 03 harness.
if you swap over to COPs, you will need to get some 99-04 cam covers and the COPs will not fit the older style cam covers.
The IAT, IAC, TPS and ECT sensor connectors are also different from 98 to 99-04, so you would need to either swap the 98 units out for the 99-04 units, or splice in the older harness connectors.
98 has IMRCs, buy you can get some IMRC delete plates.
This is just off the top of my head.
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