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Hello All,

I am new to this forum but I am not new to mustangs or modular engines.
I have owned my fair share and I currently own a 2010 G.T. premium black on black
but that's not why I am creating this thread. My problem lies here. I am seriously considering trading my truck for a 1998 Mustang G.T. that is super clean cosmetically. The engine is a "built" 4.6 l with a Vortech V-1 and forged internals. Pushing a supposed 425 horses on 8 lbs. It has a vortech v1 with an intercooler, c and l intake elbow 255 lph pump 42 lb injectors. It has equal length headers off road h pipe and cherry bomb vortex mufflers the build was suppose to have taken place 10-15k miles ago. I know the obvious things to look for when looking at these engines but I have no experience when it comes to Vortech super chargers. So if there any advice anyone can give me when I go to look at this car I would really appreciate it. The guy is saying that when he bought the car it was already built. He has also told me that the oil pressure gauge is broken. That kinda throws up a red flag to me being that the V-1 uses a tap from the oil pan to supply the oil to the super charger. So, any advice given on the do's and don'ts will be much appreciated and even the obvious stuff may be helpful, because honestly I am pretty excited about this car and every thing that is on it. I may over look some things. Thanks in advance for any help that is given.
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