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New Mustang owner here. I had a chance to buy a '99 V6 convertible (auto) in good shape with a grenaded motor on the cheap, so I couldn't resist owning my first pony. I am looking for my options for replacing this V6. I am a race driver, but this is a DD for my wife so it needs to be smooth and reliable. I will not be adding boost or power adders.

I am going to pull the dead motor and replace it. I would like to know what my best option is for dropping in another motor with a minimum of fuss, while still taking advantage of the fact that I've got to pull/replace the motor, anyway.
  • Should I look for an 01-04 (internally balanced), or do I need to stick with a 99-early 00?
  • Could I use an 05+ 4.0 Cologne V6?
  • Should I be looking for a 4.2 swap instead?
  • Is there another option that I am not thinking of?

I have done a day of searching on several forums but haven't found what I'm looking for. I see lots of V8 swaps, and people upgrading from a 94-98 V6 to a split port from a 99-04. I don't see many people messing with a New Edge split port V6. While I do appreciate that I could now move forward with a V8 swap, that will force me to do a speedo replacement and the entire drivetrain to the rear end, plus exhaust. Unless someone tells me differently, that doesn't seem particularly cost effective.

I am tending towards the 4.2 swap. Get a running JY motor, drop the entire long block in, pop my Mustang upper intake on there, and ride off into the sunset, right? Will the truck flex plate match right up to my Mustang stock auto tranny?

Thanks for any help,
David in San Diego
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