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A chevette

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I have access to a 19xx hatchback chevette. Its got like 30k miles its in like great shape. i think its early 80's. Its not worth much right? its not like some collectible? anyone know where i can go about selling it?
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original owner, full paperwork.. Can i even get a couple g's for it? i wonder if it would fit a 351 cleveland sucker would runs 10's with ease its less than 2200 pounds
No i know but jesus how many do you see like literally mint condition lol. You know how light it is?? ive been trying to find information on putting a 351 cleveland with a 250 shot of nitrous on it.. Making the chassis solid, a t-56.. I can do it all for under a grand. I guarantee it would run low low 10's maybe 9's when i get done with it..
at the end of the day, it will be a 10 second car :)
yea moron read a dictionary GAWD
yea moron read a dictionary GAWD
I was kidding, and a better defense would have been looking up CHEVETTE in the dictionary:D. I doubt its their. No but really i thought you would catch that i was kidding when i said GAWD i gues you dont know me yet
you touch yourself sometimes?? what a freakk.. i touch myself all the time
at the end of the day, go home im trying to mac hmusn out..
i wish a moderator would put something in my title.. like panty theif or something
no not chevette lover lol id rather poopey head than chevette lover.. i guess its just not time for me to get a headline yet.. my time will come:(
1 - 11 of 35 Posts
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