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A chevette

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I have access to a 19xx hatchback chevette. Its got like 30k miles its in like great shape. i think its early 80's. Its not worth much right? its not like some collectible? anyone know where i can go about selling it?
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at the end of the day, go home im trying to mac hmusn out..
actually a moderator put that in my title :p
i wish a moderator would put something in my title.. like panty theif or something
How bout Chevette Lover?
no not chevette lover lol id rather poopey head than chevette lover.. i guess its just not time for me to get a headline yet.. my time will come:(
hey dude those 80s Novas are badass. they get like 40+ MPG!!! i had a friend that drove his like crazy and he went on one tank of gas for 2.5 weeks
^lol maybe the term badass shouldnt have been used
I have an 1987 chevette with a th350 and a 4.3l v6 with dual exhaust for sale....You could swap all the parts over to your's if your interested in fast cheap fun. And yeah it's still a chevette....but what would you rather be the guy with the stang or camaro who just got toasted by a chevette or the guy who's driving a crappy chevette that's toasting everyone. Sounds like a blast to me. But I just like embarressing rich punks with daddies car that live around here.
this guy sure doesnt tell a lie
oh the irony
Help!!! I fallen and can't get up...
Chevette is by far the worst car Chevy has ever made kinda shitty in the fact like an 80's Nova
Umm, Chevy didn't build the 80's Nova. Toyota did. Those are Novas are just rebadged Corollas.

And Chevettes are utter crap. Rarity doesn't denote worth.

Reminds me of my 2nd car - it was a 4-door 4-banger Chevy Citation, beige exterior, beige vinyl interior and shot shocks. I called it "Jabba the Hut" for the miles of fleshtone around me. The speedo would start oscillating wildly between 55 and 80 whenever you would go faster than 55, so you only really knew that you were going faster than the speed limit, never by how much. I *hated* that thing. :D
21 - 35 of 35 Posts
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