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I have a 05 roush mustang with stock engine, and I think I am going to purchase MAC long tube headers with a Prochamber midpipe. The car already has a Roush Legal exhaust on it. I am also purchasing Steeda CAI/SCT Tuner combo with a 93 performance tune. I have a few questions though about this setup....
1. How much of a power gain should i expect?
2. Does anyone else have or recommend the MAC LTs and midpipe? They are very reasonably priced.
3. Without Cats do you think this is going to be too loud?
4. Lastly, I live in PA. Since the cats will be removed, can the SCT tuner disable the check engine light? Is this something that I would have to have programmed when I purchase the tuner?

Thanks a lot everyone.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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