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I have a question Im hoping someone can answer, what type of paint would u suggest If im wanting to custom paint the outside of my side view mirrors. I figured i could just sand it down and use a lot of touch up paint, it doesnt matter if it doesnt match my car im just need black paint. The thing is im not painting the entire thing black only roughly half of it. And I want to do this without using a spray gun, if its possible for it to look good if i didnt.
i want to paint them to look something like this
you can probably spray it with a 1k spray can, but it will not last. I would do a flat base with a 2k clear. You can use those prevail aerosol spray bottles. Watch this video and you can basically use pro automotive clears and duplicate this process to your mirrors:

good luck!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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