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ABS light

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So just recently i had a flat tire and then my abs light started turning on occasionally. there really is no pattern, like under hard braking or something, it just turns on after 15-20 mins of driving
anyone know what the problem could be?
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have u pulled the codes?
no i dont have a tuner
my sister has an '00 gt like me and her abs was coming on at low speeds, like at stop signs and traffic lights. aparently it was because the brakes weren't distributing the proper 60% 40% like it should. it was only pushing to the back brakes.. the fronts weren't even getting used. Once she got that 60/40 back it went away. This is just one case, but i hope it helps
well everything seems to work fine, so the abs light joins its friends the rad light and the SES light on my dash, i ignore them too.
What size tires are on the car?
not sure, pretty low profile in the front though, but it never caused a problem before.
drive you car up to a parts store like autozone and they can read the computer and see what error codes its throwing
dude my abs light comes on whenever it feels like...ive ran the codes and it doesent even show up...and when i ran them at a ford dealership it passed everything. so i just ignore it haha
My abs light and coolant light are always on - no clue why the abs light is on, but the float in the coolant reservoir doesnt work anymore so thats why it stays on. lame.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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