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I have a few questions I have to answer in a paper on ABS regarding my Mustang..

I'm not sure of these specifics, so if you know, please chime in..

1. is the system integral, or non integral?

2. Locations of wheel speed sensors
- I'm guess 4 total, one on each wheel?

3. How many channels?

4.How many accumulators?

5. Describe the diagnostic trouble code retrieval method

wheel sensor specifications.. adjustable or not?

thanks fellas

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Well... I can answer 1 of them :(

The sensors are on each wheel and look to be approx. 4" diameter gears with a small pin situated about 1/4" away or so.

I will guess you are looking into running differing diameter tires and if you can account for the possible issues reguarding the ABS sensors? I have done LOTS of research on this subject in order to find out what differential would take to create issues of this type. I was unable to find an exact number, but found 1" overall diameter seemed to be the "cut-off" point for triggering the light on dash. I know you can pull the 50 amp fuse under the hood and completely disable the ABS and your brakes will work fine. I think there is also another fuse under the dash for the light on the console, but not positive.

I don't know if you can adjust them, but I bet you can. Just look at the Prowler and can see the issues it would have if you could not adjust them :eek:

Jazzer :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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