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So here's the sitch- I have ONE bad coil that is cracked at the connector and has been causing headaches all over the place for me. My move is to replace ONE (1) coil pack with the Accel COP from Advance Auto. Reasoning? It's only $34 and I could probably buy one a week until all eight are in.

My question is- is this going to affect my car at all, running on stock/Accel coils all together? Or is this a bad move on my part? I like the price of the coils, and I like the fact that for about 75% less than stock, I can get my problems fixed. Plus, finding just ONE coil pack for sale used is hard to come by. I highly doubt that it would severely affect any performance/mileage/cruising manners, but I want someone with a little more experience to chime in. Thanks guys!

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