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Scares with extra skin tissues deposited are known as raised scars or keloid scars. They are formed of extra collagen that has been laid down under the skin. Sometimes these scars may be bigger than the original acne or spots and often last for years. People with darker skin are more susceptible to this type of scarring.When the skin tissue is lost, the scarring is generally referred to a sunken scar. These types of scars are more common than raised scars. These are characterized as 'pits' on the skin. There is further classification depending on how the scars look and so on.

Prevention is always better than cure. Never ever squeeze your acne by any means as doing so; it will act like bowing the seeds for new acne. The materials inside the acne spread on the other sites of the body and give rise to new pimples.If you are suffering from the itching on the acne, take some cotton and do it gently. If the acne has something oozing out of it, take an antiseptic lotion or powder with gauze piece.

Another thing is to be kept in mind is don't pick or poke your spots with any damn instruments. Let it be your own nails, fingers and tweezers. The germs on these will shift to the acne and will produce the infection of the acne.Try to go for herbal beauty supplement other than the chemical ones. Use a good oil free moisturizer as a part of your skin care regimen. Wash your face with herbal face wash containing the herbs having disinfectant properties. Try to keep your diet away from the junk food, spicy food, canned or packed food etc. These foods tend to produce acne on the face.
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