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Just thought some of you would appreciate knowing who you talk to on the phone and the people taking care of you! We all got together for our 2008 meeting a few Friday's ago in Hermosa Beach, California and took a quick picture. The company is administratively ran out of Boulder Colorado where Adam lives; the warehouse where all products are bottled and shipped from is located in Torrance California.

From left to right, these are our team members in CA:

Steve King, Warehouse
Rob White, Shipping Manager
Ashley Wilson, Sales Associate
Jason Armstrong, Forums & Events (that's me)
Dan Gebben, Warehouse Manager
Adam Pitale, Janitor/Founder of Adam's Polishes
(Missing: Justin Politte (St. Lous, Missouri), sales, and Gina Mannion, Controller)

(photo taken 10/24/08 - gotta love California winters!
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