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I bought a BMR adjustable UCA and UCA mounting bracket, and have a set of BMR adjustable poly/spherical LCA's (tubular style) paid for and on the way. I plan on installing these next weekend with the goal to get rid of these terrible 1.9-2.1 60' times at the track. I wasn't intending on going with adjustable lowers as I already had the adjustable upper, but the price was too good to pass up so here I am plus they were the half poly, half spherical setup that I'm looking for to serve as a compromise between spherical strength and NVH-less poly units. As long as I can start cutting 1.7-1.8 or better 60' times without breaking poly inserts and not have a screaming differential sounds while driving down the highway, I'm good.

So, the plan was to install a set of BMR relo brackets at the same time (still debating on whether to weld in or not...) but now I'm wondering if I can't accomplish the same adjustments with the adjustable lower/upper arms as the brackets would? I understand the whole point of adjustable upper arms is to correct for pinion angle when lowering, etc, and that the relocation brackets adjust the arm angle when lowering OR for added traction.

I would still prefer to get the brackets and accomplish my goals that way (not to mention have just about every adjustment available to me), but do I need to spend the extra $160+ to get the brackets and then weld them in, or have I covered my bases with the adjustable lowers and can adjust pinion angle AND lower arm angle with the components I have already? Or am I totally off-kilter and am thinking about this all wrong, and I need to buy the brackets already??? I've been going through all the adjustments and angles in my head and theoretically it could work, but it's late - and it's Friday night - so I could be missing something critical (or completely obvious) seems like you need a post-grad degree in suspension to keep from screwing the geometry of these rear ends up to where they just don't find the groove and have a gremlin here or there, so that's why I'm asking for all of your opinions and any real-world experience with adjustable lowers.

One last thing, I'm running slicks (M/T ET Streets) at the track and am about to put 4.10s in, so the impact and abuse on the arms will only be getting worse in the future...especially if I put the nitrous kit on there very soon To make this problem go away easier, I'd love to buy a set of BMR relo brackets for a good price if anyone has some!!!
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