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I just ordered a 2010 GT500 vert so I have 8-12 weeks to sell my 2006 GT Vert and wonder if you all could help with valuation.

I realize I won't get 100% of my add-on investment back so I'm looking for a realistic value but hoping i can do better that a trade-in value. KBB puts a private-party sale value at between 19k and 22k

i would say the car is in excellent condition so I could start with 22k but I wonder if 25k might be more like it. Here's what I have done

- Mileage: 18,600
- Color - Tungsten Grey with Red Stripes and interior
- Nylon stripes removed and PAINTED on
- 18" bullet wheels with brand new tires
- GT500 chin
- GT500 rear spoiler
- Side scoops
- Cervini 2scoop hood
- locking hood pins
- straight ram air intake to go with the front scooped hood
- mgw short throw shifter
- SLP loudmouth axle-backs (no muffler-passes MA inspection fine)
- Alpine iva-200 touch screen headunit with dvd player (that plays)
- Alpine Nav System
- IPOD connection in glove
- XM radio and Game Port installed in the console box for aux input
- start ignition button on dash
- Revelco anti-theft device (this is awesome)

pic 1

Pic 2

so what's the "right price" for this car? (anyone want to buy it haha?)

thanks guys

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You're best bet is to remove all the aftermarket stuff that is feasable and either sell it, or use it on your new car.

To your average Joe, aftermarket = beat on.

I would start it at like $24k and put something like, "Asking $24k. Price is OBO so don't hesitate to make me an offer."

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I'd say 20k. Those parts don't really add value. Plus it's a vert, so that takes away value too.
I was wondering why a convertible TAKES AWAY value. I'm biased because I own two of them, but they cost more to start, why would that hurt value? I understand that they aren't as good for road course racing but they're a heck of a lot more fun.
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