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Aftermarket turbo kit question

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I apologize if this is in the wrong forum and please let me know if it is. My question is, I have a '92 GT that I am thinking of either installing a turbo kit on or possibly a Procharger. My first choice right now because of their increase in torque, etc. I have asked a couple of place about being 50 state leagal and was told no that they are sold as off road kits/purposes only. If this is true, how do people get around the legality when it comes time to register and emissions test their vehicle. I know some states don't have emissions but for the ones that do. Is there something that I am missing or is there a loophole I need to know about?
Thanks, Dave
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Hey Dave

turbos are completely legal

end of story
I really want to get this clearified before I purchase a kit and have it installed. Is there anything I need to look out for or anything I need to know before making the final decision? I don't want to have one installed and a state tell me that I can't drive it on the street. This would be primarily a street driven car not a track car. I am not second guessing you but don't want any issues after the fact if you know what I'm saying.
the only thing u may need to make shure of is that u have a cat on the exhaust but that should be it.
One of the companies mentioned the removal of the smog pump if I remember correctly. Is there a way or is it possible to keep the smog pump with a normal turbo kit?
Most, if not all of todays current turbo kits require the removal of the smog pump. I believe B&G Custom Turbo Fabrications is working on a kit that keeps the smog pump. What state do you live in?
What state do you live in?

I an in the USAF and currently in Alaska. The Stang is sitting until May or so. It sucks but I went out and let it run for about 15 minutes today.
in your state do they do inspection on the dyno or just the tail pipe
Im in FL. There is no inspection or emissions here. Theres laws, but none that govern or dictate the modifcations done to a vehicle.. except maybe exhaust. Turbochargers are fairly legal across the states, as long as you can find a system that keeps the smog components, you will have no hassle from the EPA police.
so you just need the pump to be on the car also do they make you pop your hood and inspect your engine
Yes. In a state that requires visual inspection, along with emissions testing, you will need to unlatch your hood, so they can take a look to make sure nothing is missing or out of place. Your smog pump will need to be intact, and operable.
Yea, I spoke with a guy from Hellion and he was saying that some states want the catylatic converter has to be in the original places or they will fail you. Even if the vehicle passes the sniffer.
yeah technically its illegal to modify the cats in anyway
Don't know about different year models, but the Turbonetics kit for the '05 and up retains the stock cats in the factory locations. I gutted mine to pass the visual inspection though. ;)
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