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We are very excited about this contest. It's fairly simple and very fun!!!!!
Here is how it will work.

Who qualifies?
The first 5000 sellers that sign up for a membership level plan are entered. We might eand up giving it away sooner :)

What will the winner get?
A brand new standard model Harley Davidson Sportster

How will they get the Sportster?
The staff from Ahwooga will fly to the city that has a Harley Davidson dealership closest to the winner. Then we will pick up the winner and take them to the dealership.

When will the winner get it?
Once the 5000th membership has been sold, entries are frozen.
All 5000 names are thrown in a bucket and stirred up.
Someone will choose the the winner by drawing their name.
Once the winner is contacted, arrangements will be made ASAP.

Here Joe to explain the promotion
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