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Looks ok in the car. Pretty clean. Packaging was pretty good.

Instructions were iffy but its a cai so not to hard to figure out.

Installation was a frigging nightmare. 2 hours for me to install this. A large majority of that time was trying to get the 3/8 plug into the hole for the manual transmission. As I type this 12 hours later my fingers still hurt. :mad: Not to mention trying to get the rubber piece on the curved part of the box..

I was pretty disappointed in the over all quality. Coming from the Camaro and the Cold Air Inductions enclosed one (took me 20 minutes) was night and day.

I left the sound tube on and removed the filter next to the firewall. I don't have exhaust yet so it roars. I wasn't able to do much other then wrapping out 1st in the neighborhood. No seat of the pants feeling at all other then noise. I didn't expect any so no big loss. Waiting on Diablo to take care of that.

Shout out to LMR. Ordered this Thursday and got it Friday afternoon. Helps they are two hours away but still..
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