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So ... I logged in to find I'm the ONLY MM member online tonight. Super-sad, but, eh! That's the deal.

I've totally lost interest in my car. I haven't even started it in months. I'll be retiring and moving out of state soon, so I guess this is another phase of my life that I have to dismantle (I had a boating stage, an RVing stage, a motorcycle stage, an ATV stage, midget porn stage, etc.). I doubt anyone wants to buy a home-built bracket car (got it into the 10's finally). Everyone want to build their own - which is totally understandable. I did. So ... I'm going to part-out the Flame Fox Mustang. Whether anyone is here or not, I'll copy-n-paste my offerings here. There should be a ton of good stuff ...

C90 1969 High-Nickel Block, .040" Over
Forged Probe 383 Stroker Kit
Victor Jr. Heads and Intake
Quickfuel 850 SS
Howard Roller Cam & Retrofit Lifter Set
Dynamic Rev. Manual C4 w/Trans Brake
Aluminum Drive Shaft
Weld Racing Wheels & Tires (Hoosiers with 10-15 passes)
Flaming River Manual Rack
... and God knows what else, I can't even remember how many thousands of dollars I poured into that car.
And of course, the rolling chassis ('84 Hatch), good shape, built 8.8 with spool and 31s, welded-tubes, brace, etc. Plus battle boxes, adj. coilovers, Winters shifter, fuel cell .... you get the idea.

Before I break-out my HTML cheat-sheet for building eBay ads, does anyone here have any interest in any of my fantastic parts? If any of the MM brethren still exist, I'll give you first dibs.

Anyone? Anyone?

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You might want to post this on my louisville mustang page on facebook

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Sorry to hear this. You went much further with your car than I did. I only wanted a quick, fun daily driver which is what I built. I'm older than dirt and one of my first cars was a 1966 Dodge Coronet 500 with a 440 magnum engine (I installed the motor to replace a 426 wedge I blew up.) It was one of the quickest cars in the county and it ran just below 13 sec. in the quarter on street tires. (All that I raced were other street cars. There were dedicated track cars that were never on the street.) I was wanting to duplicate that performance. Last time I was at test and tune my Mustang ran 12.7 with a poor 60. (too much spinning.) I bought the car having 60,000 mile. The supercharger was installed at 80,000. It took to different tuner to get it right. The time is near the 90,000 mark. It now has 213,000 miles. It uses very little oil between oli changes and I fully intend to drive it several more years.

It's easy to get bored with a dedicated track car especially if you interests change. But you don't get so bored if you enjoy the car every day.

Have you thought about de-modding it and making it a daily driver instead of parting it out? Or were the mods too extensive to reverse.
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