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My main concern is that the SCT tuner even pinged with the SCT "Strategy tune", which to my knowledge, isn't AM's tune. It wasn't as loud as noticeable, but it was still there.

Could this still mean that a high performance tune from Brenspeed or VMP could still potentially fix my problem? Or does it sound like an issue with my car, even though I run 91 octane Shell V-Power? It doesn't ping at all on the stock tune.
I have an idea. e-mail Justin at vmp and ask him to look over the tune that you have and see if their is something "off" or something that could be problematic (I don't know if he'll do this, but its worth a try). And if there is and he can fix it, agree to buy a custom tune from him.
1 - 2 of 35 Posts
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