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Another 7.5 question

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The axle bushing for the upper control arm on the 7.5, is it the same as the 8.8? I was wondering if the spherical bushings listed for the 8.8 will work ie. UPR, Steeda, etc.. Also should I add the rear swaybar?
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yes they are the same. and add a swaybar
THanks again guys. THis site is a wealth of knowledge.
where are you guys finding the rear sway bars? and if you are plannin on makin a street strip dd does this seem like a decent suspension setup. I am looking at getting lower control arms, eibach drag launch springs, and then the tokico shocks, or maybe the mach one ones. Does anyone have other suggestions?
New swaybar from Steeda os 160 with hardware. Plus shipping
Well I researched alot of control arms this weekend. I think I've settled on UPR.
Think I will order this week. Thanks again for the help in getting answers.
if you're looking to Drag the car...sway bars are a waste. control arms will be fine. If you're running low 11s or faster consider an anti-roll bar. sway bar is just more weight.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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