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How's it goin' everyone? Today is my "Friday" and I can't wait to get at the race car again! My cousin did is magic and rebuilt the powerglyde because we were having some leaking issues. He set a new record, from the time it left the rear end of the dragster it was rebuilt in less than an hour! Nuts! So now I am going to the shop Tuesday to do some part load tuning and dial in the AF/R further down the VE table. There is still some wiring to clean up, but it is almost ready for the track! To bad it is almost track closing time.. Oh well. Time to start work on my car! Can you say forced induction? Will be ordering some stuff soon that should make spring VERY interesting. :D

Now for a change in subject. I find myself unable to not argue with some people on the forum. I don't know what it is but there are some people that make no sense that I can't help but argue with until I am blue in the face, even though I should know better. I can't stand it when someone insults my intelligence with stuff that I know is wrong and I can't stand letting them get the last word. When one person tells you something, I can understand being a bit concerned and doubtful. But, when everyone in a industry that has been in said industry for any period of time tells you the same thing, you may want to consider what they are saying.

With that said, I am going to try and make a effort in cutting down how much I argue on the forum. I think I have realized that arguing over the internet is useless and I just need to let stuff go. No matter the subject at hand and no matter if I know I am right or not.

Alright guys and gals. Now that I have wasted a few moments of your life, I think it is time to get back to work.

Till next time.

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