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My daughter's little pony drowned {1998 V/6 3.8L Mustang}. Yes it rolled off into a lake and was down 22 feet. It was her high school graduation present from her mother and I. so being the "retired" project person that I am, I proceeded to dry it and for nostalgic reasons rather than the crusher. all that to say their is monaterly $$$$ this project is not logical.
the clean up from end to end went well. Most electrical connectors and fuses were opened and wire dried engine was drained of oil and coolant. new spark plugs, transmission fluid in cylinders and valves, many gallons of oil in crankcase and above. Drained transmission, rear differential and gas tank [removed tank from vehicle], power steering, new breather filter. Then drained and restored with new fluids and lubercants end to end. The battery was not damaged and no sheet metal damage as the divers did a good job.
Now for the restart:
With starter fluid or gas in the intake it started and run as smooth as an old V/8 flat head Ford. But shoot off when that source of fuel expired.
Therefore, the gas tank comes down again for new fuel pump. no change in performance. So, we move on to the "DREADED" ECM. inspect, clean both sides with wire dry and q-tips. No change in performance! Then, used ECM from e-Bay. Most or maybe all other systems working ie lights and power windows. But no sustained engine power.
Now it is time for a electronic dignostic by Ford Dealership mechanic who does side jobs from his home shop.
The final answer and finally THE QUESTION:
My anti theft system is killing the engine!!!!!
How do I as "the shade tree mechanic" disable that system(who would steal this car)
It is my understanding that the Ford dealership charges about $700.00 to reprogram this sysyem and that plays back this entire project is not worth that kind of money.
Back to the old flat head Ford a wire from battery to in side of coil and a pair pliers shorted from post to post on solenoid has you moving down the road.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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