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i have a 1991 mustang 5.0 and i have only ran it a few time and the first time it went 14.3 well the engines blocked cracked after blowing a head i put in a 92 5.0 ho engine and the car went 15.7 so i took it home and tore it apart and did the following upgrades

b303 cam
1.7 crane cam roller rockers
aluinium fly wheel
stage 3 spec clutch
ported gt40 heads and intake
65mm throttle body with 77mm mass air
borla stainless steal exaust with longtube headers
sn95 full cobra suspention
bbk springs
knoi shocks
full length sub-frame conectors
nitto 555 extreme drag tires with front trick wheels
150 wet shot
373 gears
world class t-5
walbro 225 fuel pump

i still have a few parts to get like fuel presure regulaitor bigger injectors and some other stuff can anyone help me out on what time i may run in the quarter?
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