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Any Interest??

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I hope this thread is adhering 2 the rules in regards to selling parts on this site? It states in the rules that we cannot post "feeler" threads in the classified section. So by doing it here I hope that I am not breaking the rules. If I am I 4 sure did not intend 2. I just want 2 get an idea if anyone would b interested in some parts that I will b selling shortly due 2 my putting a turbo kit on my Mustang. Here are the parts that I will be selling. I will have pictures when the parts are off the car & ready 2 sell. 1 set of AFR 185 heads with Stage 2 porting done by my personal friend & owner of Dr. D's Performance. A Anderson Ford Powerpipe for 89-93 N/A. Pro M mass air meter calibrated for 42lb inj. U can get it recaled if u so desire. A set of 8 Ford 42lb injectors. BBk 351w swap long tube headers that I modified 4 use with an AOD trans. I think thats it. If anyone is interested let me know & I will be in contact when I am ready 2 sell the parts. Its prob gonna happen in the next month or so, but I just wanna get an idea of how many might be interested & what u might b interested in. Thank you..
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I would ask bout the heads. But I'M BROKE
Sooo u just replied 4??? looks like we got another Post Whore on our hands....!!!
500 for the heads:D
Whore yes...
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