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Long story short. Someone backed into my hood, minor damage and all covered by her insurance. Take it to a shop to get fixed, get the car back and notice a few things. 2 spots of minor overspray, overspray on the top of whole passenger side fender and scratches and marks on the whole car b/c the detailer guy decided to take a clay sponge over the whole car. Left scratches EVERYWHERE! I know my paint and noticed it right away. Took the car back, showed them the issue so they took my car back and hand polished the whole thing with Midnight Special from the co. in the thread title. Its made for dark vehicles.

I tell you what, ive been using every meguiars product available for since i bought the car and it didnt even come close to the way they gave my car back to me the second time. It deeper looking, looks like glass and is SO smooth to the touch. I couldnt believe it. My car has NEVER looked as good as it does now. I went on to there site and bought their wash. the midnight special and their new car spray polish, i also pitched my old meguiars stuff.

Ok it s long story, LOL just want to know if anyone else has used it and tell you guys about my experience with it for possible use on your own rides. :D

Sorry for the book, LOL MM
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