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Well im pretty sure this has to do with my cam since i got it a little while after i left the dyno. im only getting p0175 which is running rich on bank 2 (drivers side).

yesterday i cleaned the MAF sensor, replaced my 2 upstream o2 sensors and just for maintenance purposes i did my fuel filter also. code came on within 15mins of driving after that so im pretty sure i may be running just a tad too rich on that side but i think it may be an injector.

the only reason why i am not thinking its in the tune is because it doesnt not come on while i am at WOT, usually at lower rpms it will come on. i dont think ive ever got it while at idle though, seems like under 1/4 throttle accel it pops up. i put some lucas fuel injector cleaner in the tank yesterday and if that doesnt work im gonna make seafoam and my engine become best friends.

i only want to eliminate all other possible causes before i take it back to the tuner because i dont want to have to pay money for something i could have fixed.
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