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anyone here use these heads?

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eBay Motors: FORD 190CC SBF ALUMINUM CYLINDER HEADS ASSEMBLED # 3037 (item 300199628733 end time Feb-26-08 13:26:33 PST)

Pro Comp aluminum 2.02/1.6 heads for $795. price seems too good to be true. what's the catch?
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YAY walmart heads FTW
dude pro-comp are jap specials..there made in japan..probably flow 1/2 as good as stock heads..and arent even aluminum, there just aluminum spray painted cardboard
maybe you are just dissing them so you can get them for yourself? xD jp
yeah caught me
(quote from another forum)

I had a set of these heads. So I'm qualified to respond here.

Also, on top of that, I want to ask you...have you talked to Mr. Peter Ken, and asked him where they're made? Didn't think so. I you can pretty much take your whole post and rewrite it. I won't state something as a fact, if it's not. The heads are made in China. Period. On top of that, I know the reason they are so poorly machined. Mr. Ken decided, when he purchased his CnC machines...not to purchase the control boxes for them. I'm not a machinist, so I don't know the name for them...but in effect what this does is requires a little chinaman to re-input the program in for every cylinder head machined. This introduces a margin of human error into what should be a computer controlled operation. Guess what else? The little chinamen get paid by the piece. And the quality control guy? He gets paid by production. Soooo, the more heads that get through, the more money each of the little chinamen make. I think the pay is around .02$ a cylinder head. They really can't afford not to let them through. Oh, one other thing the little chinamen do...when they forget part of the program, or have issues? They input CHEVY based numbers...because that's the heads they're familiar with. Scat has the same problem at two of the three foundries in China. Scat won't use the third, due to quality problems...and you guessed it...the third is primarily where Pro Comps are made.

I happen to have a friend in town who's owns a machine shop. They produce crate engines for local sale and for sale on Ebay. His shop is pretty reputable, and every crate motor made goes out with Pro Comp cylinder heads. Most are 400hp 331's. He says he spends about 6hrs a pair going over each set of heads, and by the end of a month, he's got a pile in the back that can't be used, and Pro Comp won't take them back. Scrap aluminum. Wanna know the clincher? He's fishing buddies with Peter Ken, the owner of Pro Comp, as well as Tommy (don't know his last name), the owner of Scat. The three of them know each other quite well.

As far as Jim at Tri State, I talked to him about some issues with my Pro Comps. He wouldn't do a thing about them...I had to fix them myself. This happened to two other friends as well.

So anyhow...a small bit of friendly advice here. I've posted extensively on this board regarding these heads. All of the above information is on this board. Look around, and read before you speak. Some of us do have enough integrity not to pass around internet rumor, without having had first hand experience ourselves.
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well i wasnt lieing
same thing...
I know a guy that runs at the local track (george ray's) with these heads and he likes them pretty well, and the car runs low 7's so its not to bad of a running car either. !/8 mile I know someone will say something
I almost bought some heads from tri-state until I found out they were all using pre production heads and they clean them up and re-sell them. Or some **** like that. It was a big reason why I didn't want to order from them. Although I could use a nice warranty brand GT-40X heads
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