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Pony Wars II

Steeda Stampede

April 2nd 2011

So here is a basic break down of what is going to take place.
THOSE WISHING TO RACE CAN COME OUT AND PAY AT THE GATE. THE COST IS $25 to Race all others will pay $10 to enter and watch or goto the car show. To Enter your Vehicle in the car show there is a $15 dollar entry fee Payable the day of for all makes of American muscle. MMJAX will be collecting those fees at the registration table.
Steeda has offered to open up their shop early Saturday Morning beginning around 7:00 am this will last till about 8:15.
From there people can Pony Trail to the track! 2019 Steeda way Valdosta, GA 31601

Gates will open about 9:00 am and tech will open then as well.

Grudge runs should begin about 10am weather permitting. SGMP would like to make sure the track is warm enough before racing begins. This will continue till about 1 to 2 pm at which people will be asked to make a qualifying pass for the Arm Drop portion. 2 groups of 16 cars will be pulled that run close times. We don't know what the groups will be till race day and if you lift you will not be in the group. Just like pinks we want everyone to go full blast. After this we will do some more grudge runs.

Next there will be a exhibition run from some of the sponsors and at that same time we will run a quick 8 of the 8 fastest cars. When this is done we will run grudge runs till they need to flip on the lights. About an hour before they will call the day we will pass out awards draw for prizes and pass out the cash from the 50/50. If the pot for the 50/50 grows to over 400.00 we will split it in two drawings for 200 or more for the winners.

When we have to leave Steeda and SGMP are working to get a wing place to reserve some tables for an after party/brag fest.

This is going to be a very long day and it should go pretty fast. We will try and keep grudge runs moving all day.

I hope everyone has as good a time as we are working to achieve. I think your car will be worn out and maybe the drivers as well.

Like we said no surprises this year! Enjoy!

For folks with big trailers Steeda and SGMP have a place for us to park, I will also get some information about local hotels for those traveling from out of town. I would hope a lot of folks can stay thru the after party.
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