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Aquamist Compact 5L tank with bracket (internally baffled/drilled). Condition is brand new, unused. Never filled, mounted, or installed.

These are only available from the UK. There is no other slim water tank I could find anywhere other than directly through Aquamist. I ordered it, just receive it a couple days ago, and realized it will not work for my application. Comes pre-drilled from the factory for hose fitting and low level sensor. Comes with bracket, sticker, and cap. I paid £62.63 GBP for the tank and £46.99 GBP for international shipping, which equates to £109.62 GBP = $142.68 USD.

Im just looking to recoup some of my money, save you some money, and get it to you quicker than you would if you had to order it direct from Aquamist.

Im asking $125 shipped

Dimensions are: 66mm (2.6") wide. 335 (13") deep and 335 (13") tall. Capacity: 5 litres (5-quarts).

Baffle in action:

aquamist 1.jpg
aquamist 2.jpg
aquamist 3.jpg
aquamist 4.jpg
aquamist 5.jpg
aquamist 11.jpg
aquamist 6.jpg
aquamist 7.jpg
aquamist 8.jpg
aquamist 10.jpg
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