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So, years ago for my senior high school project I built a wakeskate, which is just a shorter wakeboard, but without any bindings. It has sat for 3 years with a plain plywood bottom. One of my friends is a spray paint artist, so I had him paint the bottom of it, and I think it came out amazing. We have been tossing around the idea of making a lot more of these for sale. it would cost me around $50 to build and clear coat a board, it will cost my friend less than or around $80 in paint(this isnt krylon were dealing with) to put a design on the board. To purchase a simple board from a local shop would be about $100, one with more concave would be about $150.

My question is do you guys think we could market these things as wall art and turn somewhat of a profit. Neither of us plan on making these a dependable income, just a little side project. I'm pretty sure we could sell these to local shops, who would in turn resell them. But what I don't know is if anyone would pay the price we would need to ask for a ride-able wakeskate, when comparable price range boards will definitely outperform a simple design like these. If it was a art piece that could sell I think people would pay the price we ask.

Whats your opinions?

Here is the end product(save for the fins as the clear is still drying right now)

The finish on the next boards will be smoother as they havent spent 3 years in and out of the water with a poor sealer(built in high school, costs were cut)
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