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Ashtray to cupholder...96

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Does Ford carry the insert to make the ashtray on the 94-98 a cupholder? I saw one on Ebay a while back but can't find any others. The Ford places around here leave a lot to be desired!!! Most of the time they act all stupid with this type stuff. Once in a great while there is one guy who knows his stuff, but not often.
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I have seen that conversion on a site before...I'm sorry I don't remember which one, but it didn't look very practical. I've heard of it getting in the way of the shifter because it is just a plastic piece with a cupholder on top.
How is that possible? The ashtray is really small! Well if that's true and you find it, make sure you post it.
Yeah that makes a lot more sense. Didn't some 98's come with actual cupholders? I think I've heard of console swaps for that very reason. Don't quote me though.
Yeah that's what I was thinking of. It's bulky.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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