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I'm needing assistance with figuring out the best way to route power with what I have. I've been following along with a re-wire kit for my 88 mustang and I am now on the part where I need to route power cables to the starter, fuses, battery, and alternator. I'm running 1/0 gauge cable from the battery in the back up to the front. I also have a Flaming River FR1009 cutoff switch. I'm running this switch because I wanted the removable key option as an added theft deterrent and manual cutoff close to the driver. I'm not concerned with drag rules yet since I won't be running it on the strip any time soon. Research online has informed me that it's best to not only cut power from the battery to the solenoid on the starter but to also cut the alternator output. What I would like to do is to be able to cut the power and the alternator output using the routing described in the wire kit instructions.

1.) Is it necessary to still use the firewall mounted starter relay for a mini starter? The Ford Racing starter shows a starter relay being used but the wire kit shows power going to the starter and no relay being used.

2.) Can I re-use the starter relay as a on-off switch for the alternator output? Essentially the alternator regulator would be switched using the starter relay and the trigger to the relay would be from the cutoff switch.

3.) What would you guys suggest?

Wire kit instructions
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Ford Racing instructions
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