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Not sure how big you guys are here on audio but I need to fund my project so the toys have to go. This is all sq gear, though its got the ability to get loud enough.

Zapco ref 750, gloss black. Picked up to drive the sub, never have installed it. Will test it before shipping to be sure. cosmetically I'd say 8/10. Slight bend on a heat sink fin when I received it. $400 obo

Two Zapco ref 350, gloss black. One looks perfect, other is an easy 7/10 some slight hazy marks on the paint, prolly all but disappear with some wax. Both will be tested before shipped. $250 apiece obo

Clarion DRZ9255. Pretty close to perfect. Slight mark by the volume knob from a finger nail. Other then that its beautiful. Has the box and manuals and everything to go with it. $650 obo

Cdt es620 golds. Brand new never used still in box. $375 obo

Cdt ef61cf. Ran in my previous install, was planning to use as rear fill. Satnet 560 crossovers and I believe tw-25 tweets. $175 obo

Adire audio Brahma 12 MKII. Works amazing, great for tight spaces and gets loud enough. I ran as a sq sub in a sealed enclosure off a xxk2500 previously. $240 obo

Prices include shipping in the 48. Anything else you'll have to discuss before hand.
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