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Auto to Manual Conv?

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Hey guys, its me again... :eek:

So thanks to many of you, i decided to go with the trickflow 2v's + cams + juice. (for now, until i can afford a forged bottom end)

Now, here's another question :eek: lol..

Im an auto, and its not a healthy one, it has its issues.. and when i bought the car i immediately took it to get tranny service + fuel filter and what not..

ANYWHO, the guy told me the tranny was pretty tired (i'm talking about a 2000 GT) still drivable and cool and all.. no "trouble" so far except, sometimes it hessitates to shift from what im guessing 3rd to 4th or something like that... NOW my question though, is...

Should i put in a t56? or rebuild or upgrade its stock auto tranny?

Any good PI kits for auto trannys out there? any ideas on which converter should i use? or how much dough would i need to spend on a used t56 plus parts plus install?

Any ideas or suggestions?

Mucho thanks!

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Well, a build auto would be ideal for road racing as well. Not as fun though
Not really, using the transmission to slow down is a major part of road racing. You can't heel/toe the auto so even "manually" downshifting would get your back tires bouncing from not matching the rpms.
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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