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Autorama show in Detriot

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Went to Autorama up at Cobo center in detriot, some sweet mustangs there, and a few other classic, badass, and some just odd cars there... so since I'm bored I'll post some up.

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The camaro in the last 2 pics is apparently considered the fastest street legal car. I forgot what magazine it was that claimed it, but it was a major one.
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nice pics man!

looks like some damn cool cars!
ever hear of a 557 S197? :lol

yes, that's about twice the cubic inches of the 4.6

I'm guessing the owner put a fake sales sheet on it, lol, pretty funny to see

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Thats badass:bow
haha, yeah, 900 hp n/a...

anyone looking to do an engine swap? :lol
Here's another horsepower beast...

got boost? :D
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awesome pics! everything is soo shiny! oooh ahhh
yeah, about halfway through the show you get a little dizzy from all the chrome and reflections...:lol

and that's no joke, I literally had to sit down and close my eyes for a bit... got one hell of a headache
Lets see, got a few more here and that's about it, a lot of them didn't come out too good because I was using a POS Kodak EasyShare camera...

This dude below was pinstriping in the middle of the show, and was doing a hell of a good job too

Here's what they called the "Family Vette". A 4 seater

And these are possibly the most awesome wheels ever...

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that is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was there as well, it was really cool.
I wish my engine was half as shiny.......really nice stuff!!!!
Great I went to that show last year and loved it. Its a pretty sweet show
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