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Some of you may know this story, so if you have a more accurate account of the story please post it. Everyone else that wants a more accurate account should Google it, something should come up.

Many of you know of the ex car company Avanti. What you may not know is that there was recently a line of Avanti tribute cars built (its a frigin beautiful car in person) anyway, I saw the car several times thinking its some foreign sports luxury car, then the very same one was at a local car show. The first thing I noticed was that the car is fairly bulky. After a minute or so I noticed that the interior is nearly identical to my car. I started up a conversation with the owner and it turns out that the car is actually a Mustang GT!!! The guy who "designed" it just put a body kit OVER the original Mustang body. In doing so he basicly made the car into a grossly overweight Mustang with a nice interior. I think he told me it weighed over 4500 pounds. Also the powertrain is the same, alas a Stang that does 0-60 in probably 10 seconds.

The funny part of the story was the price it was originaly sold at... $80,000. Soon after the car was designed it was built in Latin America... cheap labor. The designer was arrested by the FBI for a unrelated fraud charge.
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