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Bad transmission Problem

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Hey guys, so yesterday was an amazing day here so my parents and i decided to go to the husker baseball game. I live about 45 miles away so we drove my car with thge top down. So while i was going there really no problems, just like one hard shift (its an Auto). But on the way back it like hesitated to shift then shifted hard. After we were about halfway home it stoped doing that. So i went to pick up my GF with the top down of course and it did not want to shift at all i barley had the pedal down and it got up to 5000 rpm then i had to let off then it shifted. it sounds like the gears are grinding togather. Any help is greatlt appricated, i am afraid that its a bad transmission and will nood a new one. If so it will be out for a while while i try to get the money for it.

Thanks in advance guys
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check your fluid
I have full fluid ahen its hot and when its cold
Any ideas?
how many miles? its probably pretty burnt up you need to do a flush and refill
Just about 120k. Proly going to get a full trans service anyway. thanks man
So my transmission is done for, wont shift from 1 to 2 now i gotta buy a new transmission. Proly wont be on for a while, but thanks for the help everyone.

:( See you all later
it can be a lot of things man, dont deal out the dough, tranny service and check your shift solenoids
120k, the fluid should be changed every 40-50k. So either you should be changing it soon assuming it was changed around 100k.....or you NEED to change it since it wasnt changed since around 50k.
sounds like a clutch pak may be bad or a seal or possibly a gasket
autos are such a pita
sounds like a clutch pak may be bad or a seal or possibly a gasket
autos are such a pita
true, but sn95 1-2 shift solenoid is notorious for going at around 100k
Hey man good luck.
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