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Have a heavily modified 06 GT Vert....performance and appearance mods. Have a Pro 5.0 shifter and decided to pull it out and try something new. After reading lots of reviews here is what I decided....

1. Not to spend the extra money for an MGW which seems to be the consensus choice for best shifter. Hoping I don't regret this decision!

2. Not install another Pro 5.0 so I could try something else.

So for me it came down to the Steeda TriAx and the Barton and I decided to try the Barton in what was basically a toss up based on the reviews.

*Less expensive than the MGW
*Excellent build quality
*Very short throws
*Strong center return spring
*Stock look (if that appeals to you)
*Notchy and positive engagement
*Quiet in cabin
*Slam gears with abandon

*Needs several weeks break in. This shifter is really tight and the spring is strong.
*Takes some getting used to especially if you are used to Audi, BMW or VW style European style shifters.

Eddie Gaunt, aka Dr.G of Gaunt performance did the install for me. He was impressed with the quality of the shifter.

Have been using it for two days now. Right now I like it. I think I will love it after a few weeks once it is broken in a bit and loosens up just a bit.

Can't compare it to a Hurst or TriAx or MGW because I have never tried them.

Be interested to hear from other Barton shift owners what they think.
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