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bassani shorty's or other brand of longtubes?

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ok im graduating and i talked my parents into getting me a set of nice headers for my 94 cobra. as it stands, my exhaust is factory header manifolds, mac o/r h pipe, and flowmaster 40's. i was lookin at bassani ceramic coated shorty headers and was thinkin about gettin those and swapin my mac o/r h for a bassani o/r x pipe and gettin some nice bassani mufflers or slp loudmouths for it and have a really nice exhaust setup. but does anyone know if bassani makes ceramic coated longtubes for 94 5.0s? i found em for 89-93 and then 4.6 cars but i cant find em for 94-95 5.0s. and if anyone has any suggestions on a set of headers that are better or just as good then i do appreciate any input. thanks everyone.
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you could get MAC ceramic LT's....
Ive got a set of Mac lontube headers and both off-road and hi flow cat h-pipes in my garage. They are designed for 5-speed cars. Mac says they will work on auto cars and let me tell you....they are full of S _ _ T! Let me know if you are interested. Ill make you an awesome deal cuz ill never use them on my set up- ive got an auto car.
I have MAC long tubes on my automatic and they're the same ones that are used on manuals. Clearance is tight from the starter on the passenger side, and from the bellhousing on the driver's side, but they fit just fine.
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