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Long read but will probably help someone else out on day.

After installing a new alternator my battery light was staying on.

I went to Autozone to have them check out the alternator, test showed the alternator was not working. I came home and removed the new alternator and took it back to Autozone to have them test it on their test bench, it worked fine. The guy ran the test 3 times.

So I come back reinstall the alternator and again the battery light is on. I checked the fuse again, looked good.

I put a charger on the battery and went to bed. I was suppose to being to the South Georgia Motorsports Park for Pony Wars today. **** Happens!

So this morning with a fully chrged battery the light is still on. I check all the wiring again and again. I decided to change the fuse. I had turned off the battery master switch. I changedd the fuse and turn on the battery master switch, start the engine and the light is no off. I'm thinking it was the fuse now.

I drive the car to Autozone to have them test to make sure everything is good to go. Guy comes and runs the test, battery and alternator are both good. Another guy comes up and asked the guy if he did it right. He deciddes to run the test himself and asked me turn off the engine. He runs the battery test and tells me start the engine. Start it up and the damn battery light is back on and it failed the alternator test.

Come back home and start checking all the wiring and fuse again. I had turned off the master disconnect switch. I turned it back on started the car and battery light is now off. Turned the engine off and restarted it and the damn light is back on. So now I focus on the master disconnect switch. It is the type with the posts for the alternator wiring. I removed the alternator wire from one post and connected it to the other wire that went to the battery cable. Turn on the master switch, start the engine and the battery light is OFF. So with a little more testing and my multimeter I dtermine the master disconnect has a short in the alternator posts of the switch.

Amazing thing is when you turn the master disconnect switch off, it kills the engine, which is what it's suppose to do.

So I missed the Pony Wars in Valdosta, but I have my car running properly again.
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