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Bbk Tps/ Kb Bap?

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A couple months ago i was having bogging problems with my car, it would not pull quite like it used to and a dump in second it would completely bog down an choke on itself for a couple seconds. I replaced the fuel filter and nothing changed so before i started dumping money i had a diagnostic ran on my car and i told the guy i thought it was prob the fuel pump. He said the TPS was throwing a code. I had always had good luck with bbk products and it was $20 cheaper than the OEM replacement...i guess this should have been a flag but i ordered it and when i recieved it i had to drill an 1/8th of an inch out of the mounting holes to get it to read right. I was not impressed, now i have had to adjust it much more frequently than the factory. Has anyone else had experience with the BBK TPS?

Also i have purchased the walbro 255 in hope that stops my problem because the tps did not but im on a deployment in iraq and wont be home for another month to continue trouble shooting. Anyone have any other ideas on what that might be or heard of the factory fuel pump not keeping up with the BAP?
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