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My personal preference...

**First of all here is the link to the detailing video library sticky**

Properly Detailing How-To Videos

Heres a list of some other helpful detail threads here




Griot's Garage 6 inch Random Orbital Polisher & Foam Pad Kit

- I like this set because you get 5 pads 1 of each color which in reality is what a beginner should at least have;however I recommend 2 pads of each color because if your trying to use only one pad to go over the entire vehicle it you will have to be making frequent stops to clean it (brush)/wash it/ dry it . Plus you also get a good 5" backing plate.

I prefer UBER Pads myself


Craftsman 1000watt Light

- I have these light and they work great, absolutely necessary when doing paint correction to see all the defects. It’s just as important as having the Porter Cable to do correction work with. This is something that is always, and I mean always over looked by beginners. I would say without proper lighting don’t even attempt to do any correction work period.

Car Wash

Glossworkz-AUTO WASH -Gloss Booster and Paintwork Cleanser ( 1 Gal)

- This is a good wash I have personally had time to play around with the dilutions since i purchased a gallon of it when it was introduced, I wanted to see what would give me the best cleaning/ lubricity abilities while washing. Chemical Guys recommends using it at 1 oz per 5 gallons of water. I have found that this does work but its not up to par with many other soaps. So since it is never really necessary to wash with 5 gallons of water (unless you have a full sized truck or SUV) especially if your vehicle is a Mustang. I wash with 3 gallons of water to be both friendly to the environment but also to save on my water bill. Since doing weekly washes will tend to jack up your bill a bit. So onto what I am getting at, 3 gallons of water mixed with 2oz of Chemical Guys Glossworkz will make one of the best washes you can use. The only other soap I like more is Majestic Solutions Ultra Gloss it also can be used at the exact same dilution.

Majestic Ultra Gloss

- I have not used this yet but everyone I know that has is ranting a raving about it. This will be my next shampoo purchase.

Grit Guards

The Grit Guard Insert - 2 Pack

- The GritGuards are an essential tool that you would want to have in your detailing arsenal. Getting 2 of them are defiantly worth it. To further understand how they work watch this video made by Paul Dalton. This will also show you how to properly wash your vehicle, this and several other good detailing videos are located in the detailing stickies.

Good Wash Mitt / Sponges

**Listed from least expensive to most**

Mothers Genuine Lambswool Wash Mitt

Autowerkes Exclusive :: RaceGlaze Deep Pile Natural Sheepskin Washmitt :: 2008 :: Shop

Uber Wool Wash Mitt

Uber Yellow Wash Sponge

- Another product that is essential to prevent you to further scratch and mar your finish whether your paint has been corrected or not is a quality wool wash mitt or quality sponge.

For Rims/Tires

SONAX Wheel Cleaner, all wheel cleaner, chrome wheel cleaner, aluminum wheel cleaner, full effect wheel cleaner

- Very good quality wheel cleaner that can literally be used on any wheel no matter what the metal is or weather is coated or not.

Mother Wheel Cleaner

- Blows everything else out of the water. I use it on all rims and exhaust tips and it comes out wonderful!

Clay Bar

**All clay is from the same compound just some are smoother then others**

Clay Magic Fine Grade Clay Bar - 200 g | Detailed Image

Mothers® California Gold® Clay Bar System

- I like this clay (Clay Magic), it does a really go job at removing above surface embedded contaminates. Not only that but since Automagic, makers of the original clay bar Claymagic clay holds the rights to make every clay bar in the US as of now, excluding only Gliptone clay anything you buy is going to be from so just get this or Mothers clay bar locally at any auto part store or Walmart which is also made by them. Unless you’re willing to import clay like Bilt Hamber clays from out of the country.

Chemical Guys Clay Bar and Luber

- I tried this the last time I detailed my car. And I have to say this is my new favorite clay/lube. The lube is awesome. I felt that it went alot further then alot of the QD's I have used and the clay works great. I cut the bar into 3rds because the bar is huge.


Mezerna Compound/Polish/Sealant Kit – All Inclusive

**Menzerna Kit includes compound/polish/and sealant protection So if members want they technically wouldn't need to invest in CG Blacklight or V7 just go straight to LSP after applying Powerlock**

Optimum Compound

Optimum Polish

- I really feel the optimum compound and polish sucks. I tried it and hated it. Way too much dust and not enough cut.



- M105/M205 Combo is the best combo out there IMHO I even use it with the microfiber setup.


CG Blacklight and CG V7

- Blacklight is an overhyped glaze with cleaners and V7 is a shirt lived sealant

PB BlackHole

PB White Diamond

- These are my go to glazes and they work awesome. Black hole for dark colors and while diamond for lights.


BlackFire Wet Diamond

- I have fell in love with this sealant. It leaves the paint looking wet like no other sealant I have seen. Goes on easy but be leary of putting it on too thick because it will be a pain in the ass to get it off. The results are so damn awesome IMHO.

Chemical Guys V7

- I have used this as both a sealant for blacklight and a quick detailer. I feel its just as overhyped as blacklight and the life is days at best.


Autoglym HD

- This is the first LSP I used and I loved it. It lasts for about 1 - 1.5 months and if easy to apply and easy to remove. As with all LSP's its only as good as the prep work.

Pinnacle Signature Series II

- My new favorite LSP. As with all other its only as good as the prep but I paired it with BFWD after a correction and the paint looks like a sea of black water. And that was just with 1 coat of it. I have been told to follow this with a coat of Pinnacle Souveran Spray Wax to make it pop for that much longer.

Wolfgang Fuzion

- I just picked this up a few weeks ago and haven't used it yet.

DoDo Juice Double Wax

- Won this a few months back and never have tried it yet either

Sonax Premium

- Bought this a few weeks back and haven't used it yet

Meguiars #16

- By far one of the best waxes ever produced. Sadly went out of production in 2005 so if you find it grab it up. Cans go for $100 in some detailing circles. I have 4 cans stashed away myself.

Quick Detailer

Automotive Detail Quick Detail Spray and Clay Lube With Carnauba

- CG Pro-detailer is used as a great quick detailer and clay lubricant

For Interior

303 Aerospace Protectant 32 oz

- 303 Aerospace Protectant check out Danny’s review on it in the detailing product reviews sticky


Zaino Z-9

Zaino Z-10

- I have used the Zaino leather stuff for years. I love it. The smell is AWESOME. But the leatherique works ALOT better IMHO

Leatherique Rejuvenator Oil - 16 oz | Detailed Image

Leatherique Rejuvenator Oil - 32 oz | Detailed Image

- To use basically watch the video on how to clean and condition leather properly it’s in the detailing video library

APC - All Purpose Cleaner


- I Love ZEP because its about $11 a gallon at home depot and has so many uses. I use it to clean heavily greased areas like the fenderwells, engine bays, and underbody parts. I also use it to clean my garage floor so you can dilute it to whatever way you would like to use the product.



- These are great for removing polish residue/wax residue/quick detailing, ipa wipe downs.

MICROPAK 25" x 36" Ultra-Soft Waffle Weave Micro Fiber Towel

- These are a GREAT drying towel

Micro Rejuvenator Microfiber Detergent Concentrate

- To keep up your microfiber towels wash with 1 to 2 oz (depending on the load size) of this use a warm setting with a second rinse cycle and then dry on medium to low heat with no softeners or dryer sheets. Then fold and store them in a clean area or in plastic storage containers.
Also some have used Tide “Free” in the wash cycle with no additives and dried on medium to low heat with great success. Just remember before you toss out a good MF thinking it is done try boiling it and that can a lot of the times bring it back to life.


I have just bought the Meguiars DA Correction System and have not yet had a chance to use it...It is however getting rave reviews and is priced right as well...

Griots 6" DA

Griot's Garage 6 inch Random Orbital Polisher & Foam Pad Kit

Meguiars DA Correction System

Meguiars DA Microfiber Correction System 5 Inch Starter Kit, paint correction kit, dual action polishing kit

The DA Kit already comes with a compound, polish, backing plate and pads so it can save you alittle money and from what I have seen is a GREAT system and seems to be getting rave reviews so this is definitely a formidable option to the Foam pads and the mezerna/megs compounds/polishes. The microfiber pads are made to be used with the Meguiars compounds and polishes but many people have used them with other compound and polishes with GREAT success. I cannot report on that personally as I have not tried them with others.

Everything else would be the same for either kit with the exception of the Meguiars Kit you do not need the foam pads.

Little tidbit about Boutique Detailing Product Vendors that I have learned is that they ALL charge some flat rate shipping charge for the most part (some exceptions) and it is best to buy as much as you can in one order to make it count.
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RIP Dennis
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RIP Dennis
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Nope non at all. Maybe you are using too much product

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Nice write up chris, this will help all of the new comers questions.

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can we add products that arent above and make a giant thread of stuff? lol
If you post it up in the same format I will add it to the list...Thats kinda how this all came about!

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Ok. Well I've owned my Cobra for about a year now and I haven't done anything detailing wise to it.

Well, for the most part anyways... I just am starting a notice a slight haze in the clear at the front of the hood and its got me worried that I'm not doing enough. I ran to the parts store and bought some applicator pads, some Meguiars Caruba wax, some Gold Class shampoo/wash, some Mothers chrome polish and I have about 30 microfiber rags already.

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if you could get a picture that'd be helpful, but i'd youtube mike phillips detailing and watch some of his videos or check them out of some of the directories off of autogeek, and also the videos that puts out, great starting points.

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if you could get a picture that'd be helpful, but i'd youtube mike phillips detailing and watch some of his videos or check them out of some of the directories off of autogeek, and also the videos that puts out, great starting points.
All I have is a smart phone... It is just more hazy than the rest of the car.

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This is the run down of how I wash the car...
I'd like to add that I live in an apartment so I have to secretly bucket wash at a local car wash. Anyways:
I start by rinsing off the entire car, then fill the my bucket with Miguiars Gold Class Shampoo and some water, I get it real nice and frothy. I use one of those mitts with that is microfiber (its green, it has little nipple looking things all over it) and wash the entire car. I don't wash the wheels, wheel wells, front bumper, side skirts, and rear bumper around the rear tires until last. I then rinse the entire car. I then move the car to another location and wipe it down with several microfibers. I use one microfiber for each side set of wheels, I use one microfiber for the front bumper and 1 microfiber for each side of the car. Then of course I do the windows last. Taadaa
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