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best smog legal h/c for 87-93 mustang

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I bought my fox last year as something to go cruise and have some fun. Its got the aod with the crazy shuffle method. Im in a emissions testing area and would like to get some more power out of it such as h/c. what would be the best camshaft to go with as far as staying smog legal or if there is any camshaft that is able to do so. if so, would it need a tune? I will be looking out for gt40 heads since they are 50 state legal and can give you some horsepower. a 2200-2400 stall converter would help as well which i will be doing as well. its hard to tell which camshaft to go with since there is a ton of options to go with, but as far as staying smog legal, im just not sure.

the upgrades i have so far:
  • sve electrical fan conversion
  • bbk cold air intake
  • bbk 75mm throttle body
  • bbk shorty headers
  • flowmaster 40 thunder catback
  • ford performance 4.10 gears
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