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I never really realized that we had blogs on here so just for shits and giggles I thought I'd post on mine.

Idk if any of you guys remember back when I made the little Weebly site with a few Mustang guides, but I sort of let that fall apart while I worked on other things. But I decided to get back at it and instead of using some free site I went ahead and bought a domain and added it to my hosting account. I'm trying to write at least a guide or two per week for it. It uses Wordpress for CMS and the theme it's currently using is pretty dull, I'm just having a tough time finding something that I think will work well.

Other than that I've added a "submit your ride" section in case anyone wants their car displayed on a website for the world to view (a little better than your MM garage).

Anyways you can check it out here: Mod Your Mustang
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