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I'm curious as to how much they tightened the cam journal caps. You should ask to speak to the mechanic who performed the work and ask him what the torque spec was. He should be able to say 89 inch pounds without hesitation. 89 inch pounds is VERY loose, but that's the spec. If they overtightened them this would cause lack of oil flow to the cam journals.

How well did the car run before engine took a **** on you? Was it running good or did you have any complaints at all?

How did you know it was only the passenger's side that blew? Did you let them pull the valve cover in front of you or were you somewhere else? After reading your first post again it sounds as though they very well may have left the right side cam journal caps loose and it all just came apart. The only weird thing is the valves and springs. A cam left loose probably wouldn't harm the valves or springs. Keep us posted. If you need another engine we can help you find one cheap...they are out there for a bargain here and there. Sorry to hear this.
I'd like to know this because I have first hand knowledge that if you over torque them just a little bit they snap VERY easily.
1 - 1 of 38 Posts
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