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Alright so here's where I'm at. It's winter here in cold ass Washington and my 'Stang is currently my daily driver until i can fix some electrical issues on my 84 Caballero. Naturally this sucks since all the engine and tranny work I had planned is now on hold. But I was staring at my car the other day and decided, maybe it's time to dress things up a bit. But I have a few questions wondering about possible answers.

So right now I have an all black '95. It's got no body mods other than twin halo projector headlights. We'll get to those in a few.

The first question I have is about body kit type things. Now i personally hate most of the aftermarket body kits for the 94-98 models. However i like the slightly altered saleen/gt/steeda/rousche/cobra type body kits. But I don't really want to lose the "Mustang" in my rear air dam. I was wondering if anyone knew of a company that reproduced any of these designs with the Mustang still in the molding. The reason i'm asking is I am sick and tired of staring at my gas tank every time i try and get a rear shot of my car.
On a further note, don't worry guys. I'm not going to get a saleen body kit and some stickers and try to pretend my sixer is a saleen. I'm thinking of going piece by piece from diff kits. But i don't want to lose the 'stang in my rear bumper. So if no one can think of any that produce it i'll just get it re-painted and hopefully a lowering will help my ass-staring issues.

Next question is the side scoop covers. Does anyone have them? I want to know about their mounting and if they need molding. Also i'd like more pics cuz most sites are very skimp with the photos.

Up front I'm keeping my sixer front end, but I want to add fogs. How hard is the instillation? I'm assuming that I don't have the wiring, but I haven't fully investigated to be sure. But assuming there is no harness, how hard a project to undertake would it be?

Finally I wanna know about HID. I bought some aftermarket projectors but I want to move up to HID since my eyesight is failing and i refuse to buy glasses. I'd rather spend the money on something that DOESN'T suck. (no offense to anyone who has glasses, i just look horrible and a half with glasses on) Are there kits out there that i can buy? Or do i need to find some form of combo pack? Or, god forbid, if i have to go back to an OEM style 2 pc. headlight assembly does anyone know if a kit exists for Cobra Headlights at - Free Shipping! ???

Any info or opinions will be super appreciated. Plus I'll try and get some pics up tomorrow if the weather doesn't suck completely to help in opinions.

But if any one makes fun of my license plate remember... it fits me. ;)


P.S. if you notice this on the site twice, yeah i'm basically an idiot. But it was 3 am and i've had 3 hours sleep in 2 days. =X
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