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Body Work

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I was wondering if anyone could tell me if there is somewhere that you can buy Rear Quarter Panels for the SN95 Mustangs. I had a buddy hit an electric pole with my car and really don't want to spend 5 grand to get it fixed by a body shop. I have the equipment to do it myself just have not had any luck finding a quarter panel. thanks for any help.
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looked through those websites you gave me an82, and it looked like latemodel resto has the quarter panel i need for a convertible, but not a hard top, is there any difference in the quarter panels between the two?
I would check on other forums for people that are parting out cars.
^--- I agree.... look through the classifides as far as the differences between coupe and vert... there are a fiew accress the top. one thing that is going to suck when doing this is that you'll have to remove the back glass and the trunk hinge from the car and they are coverd in seam sealer... (Heat will release the seam sealer... IE Torch....) it is very doable to replace a quarter for a novice but it is an in depth project.... I will help you as much as I can... (mainly with advice because im not sure where you live...) But I am an ASE certified collision repair technition and have been so for 10+ years.... anything that I can do to help just ask... :) the good part is that you can put the quarter in accross the sail panel and not have bodywork to do because it is coverd up by the sail panel trim... What side do you need?? I'll keep my eyes out... oh, and post some pics of the quarter.. I wanna see how bad it is. Might be a fixer instead...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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